Greater Options for the Best Aircon Servicing

Assistance on air conditioners is an important service especially when you are still in the process of choosing the brand to buy. This type of home service was created by professionals, in particular by electro-electronic technicians with proven experience in the field and with certified qualifications, who can intervene with your simple call if your air conditioner is faulty or malfunctioning.

  • Everything will return to normal within a very short time.
  • The home care technician can identify the problem thanks to the equipment provided by the company.
  • Once established the fault will resolve it within a short time without making you suffer more than necessary.

The air conditioners, air conditioners and systems in general of today are not like those of the past. Work now needs new specializations and skills in the electronic technical field. This is why the company carries out continuous refresher courses. With the best in aircon servicing singapore the deals are perfect.

Repair air conditioners

  • We restart your conditioner in just under an hour
  • Among the many services included in home care on air conditioners and air conditioners, the most convenient for the customer is repair, where possible. To do this on each brand and model we have studied and made our technicians study so as to distinguish the different repair procedures depending on the brand of air conditioner that is in front.
  • The air conditioning service technicians always have the tools of the trade with them: insulation meters, current clamps, digital testers and earth meters.

Our intervention technology

Experienced air conditioners leave the company with a laptop to connect to the air conditioner in case of failure.With utility CDs supplied by the parent companies it will be very easy for us to identify and intervene on the fault or malfunction.

We are always available to carry out an annual scheduled check to increase your home security.Among other things, this is an advice we always give to our customers because it also involves a considerable saving. Make a visit to the best deal.

Gas refill, maintenance, repair of each make and model of air conditioner Another important thing to do is to change the air conditioner filters every few time to eliminate the possible formation of mites, dust, pollen and mold that obstruct or worse are released into the air which you then breathe.

Contacting our assistance center is totally free and does not involve any commitment. In this way you will receive a first assistance from our switchboard. We will give you a clear quote in case you immediately understand what the problem is and then our technician will intervene.

Annual maintenance and cleaning is recommended to keep it working properly and only a qualified technician from our service center can do it. Here’s what our operator will check:

Compressor: compresses the fluid (which is in the gaseous state here) to increase the pressure and consequently the temperature

Condenser: it condenses the gas bringing the fluid back to the liquid state, this is possible by subtracting heat from the gas (the heat is then dispersed in the environment).

Laminating organs: it is a choke of the pipeline which reduces the pressure and the temperature to the liquid when it passes.